Monday, 30 April 2012

October – Saints and Sinners (….or Paints and Pinners!)

In October, we made…..
A “Saints and Sinners” exhibition! At All Saints Church Nelson Bay
As with all the Art:illumina workshops, all ages are involved, from pre-school to Grandma. The intention is not to exhibit the artwork….but sometimes we do. We pinned it all up round the church and it looked very inspiring. There were some great thoughts that emerged from the sessions….as well as great artwork! 
Also in October, we had a few visitors to the tree in our yard.....
 We had about five Koalas popping by! I was so excited! We had seen Koalas at Blackbutt and Oakvale farm, we'd even seen one in the wild up at Tanilba Bay, but when they decided to choose the tree right outside our house, we were so honoured. I crept outside quietly and took this photo (I felt a bit bad because the flash went off - I usually leave it on for a fill-in flash effect which I like - but it didn't need to be on for this one!) Anyway, when I zoomed in on the photo on my camera, I spotted the Joey there too! What a bonus. This pair stayed for about a week before moving on. There was a really dramatic thunderstorm one night, and I got a bit worried about them. I checked out the window, and there they were, high up in the tree, swaying about, not bothered at all! I felt very cosy in my warm bed. So in honour of these two, and the other Koala visitors to our tree, I made these.....

It's a made-up pattern.....prototypes really. When I get the pattern sorted, I'll post it here so you can have a go too! 


  1. Aww how cute are they?! I would love to make one for Rick's cousins daughter's baby (yeah!). They live in Spain and had a little girl a few months ago. They affectionately call her their little koala so I think I should make one for them! xx

  2. Perhaps you can be the first to try out the pattern! I think the one on the left is better (with the bigger head!)....I'll get going on the pattern....!


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