Friday, 27 April 2012

August – Butterflies, butterflies and a Wedding Quilt!

Last year in August, we made….
.......a felt butterfly hairband and necklace. My Mum (Niamh’s Nanna) sent this cute button bag kit over to Australia from the Uk. I’m very tempted to make this hoodlet (free pattern from their website) but I fear that a) my children may be too old and b) it won’t get cold enough here for them to wear it……might have to make it for a Christmas pressie for someone back in the UK!  In August, I also made…..

A wedding quilt! So, before we left Australia for the Uk (to attend my Sister’s wedding) I was wracking my brains for something we could give the happy couple. It needed to be light, inexpensive  (said very quietly- We didn’t have any spare cash after paying for the plane tickets!) and easy to transport in our suitcases. We ruled out vases and wine. I remembered this quilt pattern in Sew Hip Issue 11

So I made the top in Australia before we left, knowing that I could get some backing fabric and batting without any trouble in the Uk (we don’t have Spotlight in the UK, but there is a very good fabric shop in Taunton, where my Parents live, and where we were staying
Anyway, when we got to the reception, my sister had organised squares fabric and fabric pens for the guests to write their best wishes for the newly-weds! (we hadn’t talked about it at all – and I can’t take any credit for that idea, but what a great idea of hers!)….and perfect because whilst they were on honeymoon, I sewed the squares together, used the quilt top that I had made as the other side. Finally quilting it all on my mum’s sewing machine… voila! If you were wanting to do the same at a wedding reception, I would recommend sketching on the seam allowance, or perhaps making a cardboard frame so guests don’t write all the way to the edge of the fabric (I had a few fiddly squares to sew that didn’t have much space to sew around!)

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