Monday, 21 February 2011

Spending Time

I’ve missed a few blog days…..mainly because I’ve been spending time putting together an Illumina workshop (you might remember me mentioning it a few blogs ago…..more info here: I was actually quite nervous about running “Creation Story” (an art and spirituality workshops using the biblical creation story as inspiration) but all my fears were allayed! The workshop was a success….Well, everyone participated beautifully (even the apprehensive ones!) and the feedback was good. I’m working on “40” at the moment, which is an art journaling series for lent. Watch this space because I’ll post the daily activities here….

Last weekend we went to a lovely girly pink party for our 4 year old neighbour– it was fantastic and her Mum had thought of everything! It was an amazing house and I knew that the party girl would want for nothing….so what do you get for a girl who has everything? Handmade name bunting! I love making name bunting – it seems to encompass all that’s the great thing about handmade, it’s unique, personal and says I’ve spent a little bit of time on you…..

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  1. Rachel, your blog is lovely! And to think you live around the corner from me. I can't wait to catch up proper! :-) Fi


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