Monday, 26 July 2010

Tea Party

Niamh's turn today for something she really, really wanted to do....a Tea Party! Unfortunately none of the neighbours were in so we thought we'd have a trial run, with just the four of us. On the menu: cupcakes (two varieties - blue iced, pink iced), tea (with lots of milk, and some sugar) and iced tea (with peach), all served on the gaudy.... ahem.... I mean Lovely tea set I got from a charity shop. Tea tastes better out of bone china!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Ezra painting

Ezra really, really wanted to do painting. I was a bit reluctant because a painting 2 year old is a hazard to all carpets and furniture....but the weather was good and I set him up outside with all the equipment. I definitely wouldn't have been so reluctant had I known that he would be absorbed in his masterpieces for 2 hours! Ok so he did paint the grass, his feet, his face and about 20 sheets of paper, but he was one happy 2 year old when he'd finished.

The beginning.....

We are just about to move to Australia (fingers crossed all goes well with Visas, renting our flat, sorting bank accounts, tax etc) and I thought now would be the time to start a blog! I'm hoping to get better at it ...but for now this is the end of my first blog. Thanks for reading!

More creative fun